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Global Driving SchoolGlobal Driving School is a state licensed, professional driving school that offers programs to suit different people's needs. Its services range from helping teenagers develop proper driving skills, to helping adults who have difficulty driving overcome their fear and drive with confidence, as well as providing evaluation letters for drivers with revoked or suspended license.

Our office facility is in operation seven days a week for your scheduling convenience. We have a courteous, well-informed office staff willing to answer all of your questions.

Our Instructors

Global Driving School Instructors

The greatest assets to our school are our driving instructors. They are personally selected out of many applicants who apply each year because of our professional work environment. Our instructors are state-certified and trained by the Owner. Each instructor has to pass 3 tests to be certified: A written exam and two road tests.

Every instructor must be finger printed by both State and Federal Agencies and a background check is done annually at time of renewing their instructor's license. All of our instructors are required to attend the state's Defensive Driving Seminar annually. A good, professional instructor can save you time and money in addition to making your lessons very enjoyable. Your driving instructor will be teaching you one of the most important lessons of your life.

Is there really a difference between Driving Schools?

Difference Between Driving Schools

YES, there is! As with everything else, you'll find a great deal of difference between Driving Schools. Too many people choose a driving school based on the price of individual driving lessons. But this can be and usually is a false economy. By taking cheap driving lessons with what could be a trainee driving instructor, people invariably take far more driving lessons than if they had gone with a qualified driving instructor who has the experience and knowledge of how to teach the skills required to become a competent safe driver.

You learn to drive only once in your lifetime. Unlike most lessons that we provide our students with, only driving lessons given by a quality driving school can save their lives. The simple question when choosing a driving school is this: ''Do you want cheap tuition or do you want good tuition?''


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