Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instructions

  • This course is designed for students who holds a valid CA Drivers license or learners permit.
  • Lessons are a minimum of 90 minutes.
  • They are offered 7 days a week.
  • The students time does not start until they get behind-the-wheel.

Six Hour Student Package

  • This course is specially designed for students between 15 1/2 to 18 years of age.
  • We will help in obtaining your learner's permit, validate it, and provide 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training and give you a certificate of completion.
  • This course is beneficial to students who are 15 1/2 or older because we train them with the skills needed to obtain their license.
  • If a student needs a vehicle to take the state behind-the-wheel exam, we can also provide service at an additional cost.

Review & Road Test Package

  • This service is designed to prepare the students before they take their actual driving test.
  • This service is highly recommended since the car needed for the actual test must meet DMV requirements.
  • After the test the student has the option of being taken to work or home at no extra charge.
  • This course is beneficial to any driver 16 years of age or older who holds a valid California learner's permit.

Defensive Driving Class

  • We also provide a defense driving class which will help in reducing your insurance premiums.
  • We specialize in nervous, seniors and international students as well.

Written Exam

  • Our school also aids with the state written exam.
  • This service is provided to any student both those who are 15 1/2 and older.
  • We can provide students with transportation to the DMV to take their written exam.


  • All of our services are subject to price changes.
  • Contact us for current price rates.


  • As soon as the student receives their permit, they can begin scheduling their driving lessons.
  • Lessons can be scheduled while the students are working on their online portion. You can also call to schedule an appointment or visit us in person.
  • In order for the student to benefit from their lessons, we encourage them to schedule at least 1 lesson per week. Some students want to rush through the process but this isn’t the best solution. Learning to drive is similar to learning to play the piano. When taking piano lessons, you must take a lesson, practice for a day or two, then return for another lesson. It is the same with learning how to drive. You can schedule up to 3 lessons at one time.

Why Choose Global Driving School?

  • There are over 200 driving schools in California.
  • You must choose a school based on reputation and not price.
  • Remember that you or your child's life could depend on the performance of the driving school.
  • We have board of education contracts in CA schools and can provide numerous recommendations.
  • Our owner is a Sacramento State University Alumi & a state certified driving school operator and driving instructor.
  • Our staff consists of full-time and part-time caring professionals.

Driving Test Scoring Criteria.

Defensive Driving w/Global Driving School.

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